Client Love


Jaime was a great collaborator for the segment she led during our Leadership Team meeting.  While she already possessed the expertise to do a good job on the session, she took the time to fully understand what we were trying to accomplish, and then did custom research to get updated and new information on the topics.  She put it all together and then did a wonderful job of facilitating the session to ensure the entire team got involved and we achieved our objectives. I would highly recommend Jaime to other companies.

Brian Weed, 

CEO,  Avenica


Jaime hosted a wonderful workshop as the keynote speaker for Modern Woodmen’s SE WI Women’s Symposium. This workshop was a great way to help participants identify weaknesses and strengths all while focusing on personal growth opportunities.  Our group really enjoyed it.

Jana Schoberg
Financial Advisor, Top 40 under 40 2017, Modern Woodmen


We all have so many goals we want to accomplish, but life is hard and it can be hard to tackle everything. There always seems to be something in the way. A lot of the time it's head clutter and stress WE put on ourselves. Jaime helps you process through that clutter and works alongside you to set intentions and create tangible steps to help you reach those goals. She approaches meetings with a heart-centered and authentic approach (no judgements from Jaime) and helps guide you towards success.

Kaitlyn W
Meetings & Events Manager


Jaime has been such an inspiration for me and for others.  I leave her workshops feeling renewed and motivated. I use her techniques everyday and it has benefited my relationship with myself and with others.  More specifically, I attended her 'No Excuses' workshop and gained a better knowledge of how much negative self talk impacts my daily life and how to change my inner dialogue to be the best version of myself and to not give up.  So, thank you to Jaime for being a life changer and motivator. I will forever be grateful.

Melissa Miller

Office Manager & Photographer


I attended a goal-setting workshop led by Jaime in January. I was not sure what to expect walking in. I found the layout of the workshop to lend itself well to self-discovery and deep questioning. Jaime created an atmosphere that allowed me to be able to be open and honest. I really found the structure of the questions to be very valuable. I was able to identify some important themes in my life. It was empowering to break down my goals into attainable and achievable steps. Also valuable was the insight that Jaime provided about her own life and experiences. Her ability to share made it feel natural for me to share. This workshop was a great springboard for change. It was so helpful to examine my limiting beliefs and learn how to go forward. Thank you for sharing your insight Jaime!

Studio Manager


I am not one to talk out my goals, but rather keep them to myself - private - so no one else will know if I succeed or fail. My excuses are my own and validated because no one else could challenge them. I knew this needed to change as I had some lofty goals on the horizon. I decided to go to Jaime JLKJ’s coaching session and I got so much more out of it than expected. My first session, I had easy goals and made simple changes that really were fun to stick to. My second time with Jaime, I decided to go for the real big goals on my plate and delve in. Holy cow did she ask the hard hitting questions. I learnt so much about myself went I went all in and trusted Jaime and her process. My husband came with me the second time and we’ve been working together on our shared goals through the workshop. So far we’re repainting the house, refinishing our bathroom and saving, saving, saving for a new place! Thank you Jaime!

Hannah Potraz
General Manager E2 Yoga & Fitness


My husband and I recently attended the NO MORE EXCUSES workshop led by Jamie.  We weren’t completely sure what to expect, but we were definitely happy with our decision to attend at the end.  There is so much pressure in our world and we have so many obligations. It is clear to see the results of feeling overwhelmed and anxious.  We would go through our day with this heaviness of what all needed to be done. We pushed aside all the things we wanted to do in order to keep up with the level of busy we had been used to.  Jamie took us through a reflective journey guiding us towards the truth of our thoughts and feelings. We were able to see more clearly what we were doing and then what steps we could take in order to get our life back in alignment.  

She was an extremely warm and welcoming coach.  She made us feel comfortable and safe to explore and then admit where we were making excuses.  The class took us through self awareness steps and questions which then opened the path to understanding the results meant for us.  We left feeling determined and empowered to stop making excuses for what it is we wanted. We left with the tools meant to help us succeed in getting our life in alignment.  

Thank-you, Jaime,  for assisting us in changing our perspective and teaching us to be honest with ourselves!   We are ready to design the life we want to live!

Phil & Kristina Eckert

Owners of Glaze Pottery


Highly skillful active listener and able to help reframe situations and circumstances, Jaime is a trained organization development professional with a gift to help shift underlying behaviors to accomplish a more authentic version of one self. 

Robert L, 

Business Owner & Consultant


Jaime is exactly what I was looking for in a. Career coach! She bubbles with personality from the moment you interact. She has provided me with a multitude of resources, connections and sound advice. 

Erin W


Jaime helped me to rebuild my self confidence. Jaime helped me find creative ways and solutions for difficulties and the relationships in my life. Jaime coached me to be to find the confidence within myself and believe that my beliefs and opinions matter and that I matter. I am grateful for her help and her open heart

Katie B.

Occupational Therapist


I can say first-hand that she is a truly extraordinary and multitalented life coach. I first began meeting with Jaime when I was severely depressed and felt as though my life had lost direction. From the beginning, Jaime listened intently to everything I said and formulated plans on how to enhance several areas in my life that needed improvement. She was kind, sensitive to my needs, and extremely personable. At a time when I thought there wasn’t anything or anyone that could improve my life, Jaime did just that. She remained committed to my progress and to this day still checks in with me to see how I am doing. Jaime is an all-around incredible life coach, and I feel honored that I had the opportunity to work with her

Kate S.

Early Education