Meet Jaime

Originally from Wisconsin, I spent most of my early professional career in Los Angeles. I headed out of the tundra and into the sunlight in my early 20s, in an attempt to make sense of life. I knew that I wanted something more than the path I was on, but I didn’t know how to get there. I studied under great mentors, bosses, shamans, yoga instructors, professors, theologians, healers, social workers, boyfriends…. just about anyone who came along with words of wisdom! I was hungry for purpose. This hunger lead to the belief that all people, deep down, are searching for meaning and belonging. I took this idea and conducted research on it in an academic setting.

Along the way I completed a Masters of Science from the #1 Globally ranked Organization Development program at Pepperdine University. Before that, I earned my Bachelors in Psychology from California Lutheran University with awards in research. I blend traditional counseling techniques with solution based coaching.

I’ve lead workshops with companies and individuals worldwide from the US, China, France, and Costa Rica. I’ve coached hundreds of individual clients ranging from young adults, entry and mid-level professionals, to managers and CEOs. My experience includes small start ups, medium sized organizations, universities, and multi-level trans organizations. I’ve had individual clients early in their careers looking for help getting started, all the way to executives later in their careers looking for a fresh lens.

The diversity of my life experiences has given me a depth, beyond education and professional know how. What makes me different from other consultants is that I blend my many years of working in the psychology field into my coaching and business advising.  I lead with my heart and use vulnerability, authenticity, honesty and grit as the biggest tools in my belt. I access my empathy to help my clients tap into theirs. It’s my job to reflect to you what I’m seeing so that you can make the changes you might not have been able to on your own.

I live what I love and my passion is to help you do the same.